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This Disclaimer page is created for the purpose of providing information relating to the approval and use of information contained in this blog by visitors to Zacky's blog.

About Zacky Blog Articles
All the articles on the Zacky blog are works written manually by Zacky as the author of the blog. That is based on the knowledge and personal interest of the blog admin and there may be some that Zacky quotes from some sources that Zacky believes.

Zacky really appreciates the work of others and Zacky does not allow anyone to copy-paste or duplicate everything on this blog either in the form of quotes, pictures moreover the whole article on this blog without written or unwritten permission from Zacky as the Author in Zacky's blog.

And if there is a claim on a post published in Zacky's Blog, you can contact Zacky on the Contact page. Zacky will do all of Zacky's best efforts to fix the problem.

About Images on Zacky's Blog
All the images in this article or blog are images taken from images that have an image-sharing policy that is freely distributed or modified rather than fully owned by Zacky's blog. Indeed there are some pictures that Zacky make directly.

Zacky's blog always includes source images taken in various sources on the internet in all published articles, if any image is claimed and not entirely belonging to Zacky's Blog, does not include the source image, gives a watermark or gives the "Z" logo Not Zacky's Blog, you can contact Zacky on the Contact page. Zacky will make every effort to fix this.

About Comments on Zacky's Blog
Zacky as admin is not responsible for comments left by the visitors of this blog because it is entirely the responsibility of the author of the comment which is the responsibility of the individual and not the responsibility of Admin.

But for the comfort of other visitors on the blog blog Zacky, for those of you who want to comment on the articles on this blog, you are not allowed to:

  • Can not comment in question with sara, pornography, racist, humiliation of fellow visitors on this blog blog Zacky.
  • It should not promote products, services, blogs / websites, anything that is related to your own interests, not a common interest.
  • Must not include links or live links that are spam, scams or fraud, pornography, and matters not permitted by applicable law in Indonesia.
  • Can install live links, provided they are still in touch with the articles provided.

If there are visitors who intentionally or unintentionally do things that are not allowed, with very forced Zacky as admin of blog Zacky Blog will delete comments that have been published by the irresponsible parties, it's all for the convenience of other visitors on the blog Blog Zacky . Be a good and responsible visitor and do not violate the rules listed above.
Let's celebrate anti-spam in Indonesia.

About Zacky Blog Errors
If there are any errors or errors in typing in the article reviews, the violations and errors contained in the Zacky Blog blog please immediately notify Zacky via the comment box on the troubled article or via the Contact page to Zacky to make an immediate correction of the problem you are complaining about.

About Unresponsible Persons
Zacky Blog is not responsible if there are certain parties who intentionally or not inadvertently use what is in this blog for a specific purpose in the name of this blog. Including things that are categorized as illegal or illegal in Indonesia.

Access made visitors to this blog is done voluntarily without any coercion or insistence from any party. And the terms of use on the blog blog Zacky can change at any time without any prior notification.