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web developer & web designer.
Zacky Achmad

I am Web Designer

I create beautiful web interfaces for the digital world. I am focused on the best user experience.

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    Jln. Rancabentang No. 250 Kel. Cibeureum Kota Cimahi - 40535
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    January 21, 2000
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    +(62) 8531 4069 191
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My Resume

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Primary school2006 - 2012

SD Negeri Cibeureum 9 Bandung

Studying the lessons with enthusiasm, perhaps because of the demands of the family must excel in school, therefore I attend various activities held in school.

Junior high school2012 - 2014

SMP Negeri 32 Bandung

Go to school with the usual course, to go through the learning without the burden, without the achievement of graduating with ordinary value only.

Senior High School2014 - 2018

SMK Pertanian Pembangunan Negeri Lembang

I thought at first I could not survive here, but god wants another. In this school I get experience in organizing, following the activities at the provincial level and I like this.


Jambore Ranting2009

Dewan Kerja Ranting

The first scouting activity I attended at the local level, was quite memorable because at that time I was a kid and because of that activity I liked scouting activities.

Animator training2013


The first technological training activities I attended at the local level, in that activity I gained lots of experience, knowledge and friends. Because of this I love the world of animation and graphic design

Participants EPITEK2016

Dinas Pendidikan Provinsi Jawa Barat

The first agricultural training activities I attended at the provincial level, in that activity I gained much experience living away from my parents.

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Jln. Rancabentang No. 250 Kel. Cibeureum Kota Cimahi - 40535
+(62) 8531-4069-191
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